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Who is Bobby Tsui?

Who Is Bobby Tsui?

Bobby headshot on park bench

I'm Bobby Tsui and I run The Same Circle Method, the one and only marketing accelerator for interior designers.

How this accelerator was born was simply out of necessity for my clients back in 2012 when I ran my marketing agency for the built environment, while forging ahead a personal mission...for my own sanity.

Let me explain, while turning back time just a little farther...

April 2007, to be exact.

The year Lady Gaga first signed with Interscope Records, the label where I landed a coveted marketing job.

I was also moonlighting as an intern engineer at Westlake Recording studio, which had been Michael Jackson’s favorite stomping grounds.

You see, I had agendas stacked upon agendas. If I couldn't get through the front, I would get in from the side.

I planned to use my label connections to make it big as a super music producer who produced for artists like Beyonce. 

I had the perfect setup to get my voice out there (not as a singer, but as a producer. The so called "Voice" doesn't play favorites), to be seen, heard, and release my demo. 

My friends encouraged me. 

“Bobby, you’re going to CRUSH IT! Your dreams are finally coming true!”

I smiled back, but inside I silently resented their words. 

Sure, I could see and develop talent in others, but I was petrified of putting myself out there. 

I’d changed identities so often (to protect my inner child) that I didn’t know who I was anymore.

Who was the world going to know? Which version of me did I want to make permanent? I didn't know, so I limited myself… for years. 

Have you ever died a death by a thousand cuts? 

I have. And it’s not pretty. 

Reborn: A New Chapter

My journey continued.

I never released my demo tracks, but I found something else that I loved: 


It helped me discover so much more about myself and solidify my values, which I found were much more compatible with entrepreneurship. 

So I started a business. 

I spent six awesome years running a digital marketing agency. 

We weren't cheap and we charged premium retainer rates.

I helped three design and remodeling firms double their businesses, and dozens more developed a backlog with our marketing methods. 

Before I knew it, I found myself mastering the problem of putting yourself out there for designers.

And then the Universe spoke. 

On August 4th, 2019, I was discussing tactics with a client. 

I said every designer needed to talk about themselves and their work. 

“Hold on, Bobby, I HAVE to show you this,” she said.

My client sent me a screenshot of a conversation she’d just had with a friend, about how she struggled to talk about herself.

One sentence struck me:

“I’m sitting around, feeling voiceless because I don’t usually talk about myself... when I have an important message and service people need.”

Electricity raced through me.

“Me, too,” I said. 

I’d always felt unseen. 

I worked hard at my music career and yet choked when it came time to showcase it. I had Billboard-charting music, but no one knew it.

And here was a talented designer with a body of work... also voiceless. 

Time To Sing

I made a decision to help her friend develop her voice.

One became four, and that became twelve. And so on...

Cohort after cohort, until I found my purpose for being. 

I helped interior designers own their je nai se quoi and find their people.

I created a simple process for promoting design emergence, building up brands and businesses.

No one can replicate The Same Circle Method—giving my clients an 
“unfair” advantage.

This is my WHY. This is why I created this free training for you. 

Because through my heartache that shaped me into the person that I am today, I WILL not let you go through the pain of playing in your mind's eye what you could've and should've accomplished.

There is a series of steps that culminate into a system for putting yourself out there. Finally, the art form of gaining reverence could be duplicated. 

Once you practice what I call Design Emergence™, you'll feel the expansion that is trying to occur within you.

It's time to break down the next door. It's time to rise up into your next level. 

And the best part is that many of my clients have been able to do just that! 

Inside this training you will get an inside look at how...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for new designers or established ones?

Both! No one is immune to the constantly evolving state of consumer behavior and social media. The program either sets or resets your positioning and then prescribes the highest leveraged activities that will move a business forward at any stage.

Do I need a big Instagram following in order for this program to work for me?

I love this question! No you do not. In fact, the methodology in this program was actually created to help you get better results without the pressure of daily visibility while using endless social media features. We have several clients that book design projects with no more than 500 followers on Instagram. Some don't even have an Instagram profile...

Is this an online course?

Far from it. This is an accelerator, not an online course. This program utilizes a unique accountability and support structure that optimizes for keeping you accountable to getting the highest leveraged tasks done.  

What if I don't have time for this?

There's always a way to create more space and time as long as you're growth-driven. That said, assisted time management is one of the biggest benefits of this program (we assign you an accountability coach to temper your expectations and workload each step of the way) and additionally, the strategies taught were designed to be used as cheat codes. This means less time learning how to become a full-time marketer and more time getting the highest leveraged things — that work — done. 

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